I decided to start this blog as a means of sharing my love of life and food! Considering my first word was “cracker”, food has always been a priority in my book. The title is based on the fact that my nickname is Bean, and also that refried beans might happen to be my favorite food…

So here’s a little background info about myself. I was born in Japan, grew up in a cute little village in Germany, and I am neither Japanese nor German! I am actually American. Least favorite question: “So, where are you from?” Long story short, due to my parents’ professions as civilians for the U.S. military, I essentially lived by an American military base overseas. It was on the base where I went to school with other kids who’s parents were also either in the U.S military or affiliated with it in one way or another. I go to school in Pennsylvania, but the majority of my family lives in Arizona. “International mystery woman” pretty much sums me up…

On another note… what am I studying you may ask? Food! In more technical terms, I am studying nutrition and dietetics. Being in a coordinated program, upon graduation I’ll immediately be eligible to take my exam to become a registered dietitian! How exciting is that?! The role of a dietitian is incredibly varied, and therefore fabulous. We are, in fact, teachers/researchers/advocators/taste testers/counselors/lunch ladies. That last one happens to be one of my favorites. These past few years have been a challenge, but I’m up for just one more. I can’t wait to help others and teach them to have a healthy, loving relationship with food!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Best of luck. I finished with a degree in Restaurant Mngt, but for awhile was going for a double major in dietetics. So, yeah, I took organic chemistry, both microbiology classes…and the first nutrition class. Kudos. I just realized I needed to focus on one major…not two separate ones that both required internerships! Crazy!

    • Thank you! Glad you were able to finish with your degree–trying to do both those majors would definitely have been a crazy challenge!! One is enough for sure 🙂

  2. Hey Beanie! Thanks again for following our blog! We look forward to discovering more about you and yours! Best of luck with your course and keep up the great work with inspiring and motivating others to make healthier eating choices! ~Alex and Lynn 🙂

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