Chicken with Strawberry Avacado Salsa

This is a great summer dish! With strawberries and avacado in season at the moment, the flavors are at their peak, making this all the more delicious. Avacado includes heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, as well as vitamins E, C, and B6. Strawberries are also a great source of vitamin C. Sweet, tangy, creamy, spicy… this is a meal you’ll want to have again and again this summer!

Servings: 4


  • 1 lb chicken breasts
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • 12 strawberries, sliced
  • 1 avacado, diced
  • Juice of 1-2 limes
  • 2 tbsp. fresh cilantro
  • Salt, pepper, and cayenne, to taste
  • Cooked rice, if desired


  1. Prepare the salsa by combining strawberries, avacado, lime juice, and cilantro. Season with salt, pepper, and cayenne, to taste.
  2. Heat olive oil in a skillet.
  3. Rub chicken with salt, pepper, and cayenne.
  4. Cook chicken in the skillet on medium heat for seven minutes or so on each side, until no longer pink.
  5. Serve the chicken with salsa and over a bed of rice, if desired.

Nutrition Information

  • Serving Size: 1 4-oz piece chicken + 1/2 cup salsa (without rice)
  • Calories: 290
  • Fat: 13g
  • Sodium: 450mg
  • Potassium: 300mg
  • Carbohydrates: 11g
  • Sugar: 4g
  • Fiber: 4g
  • Protein: 4g

*Recipe adapted from Cooking Light, at


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