Toasty Pepperoni

What did I do last weekend? I toasted some pepperonis. On a stick. Over a fire. And where else would I do this but in West Virginia? It was great. We rolled those puppies up in some soft Italian bread and it was like the best pepperoni roll you’d ever had, but x 10 because it was warm and smoky and just plain awesome. And I’m not talking about the round pepperonis you put on a pizza. I’m talking about thick slabs of pepperoni that you have to peel the skin off of so the grease can drip into the fire. Please do this next time you have a campfire. Impress your friends and family and enjoy something spectacular. Who wants s’mores when you can have roasty toasty pepperoni? Or you could even have both, like I maybe did šŸ™‚ Roasted Pepperoni